Tatuering för Movember!
  • Mjau!!

    Photo 2013-07-24 15 15 54

    Continued this little kitty backpiece on an awesome dude from överkalix in the most northern part of sweden! Thats commitment for ya! 

    skulls ftw!!!!

    Photo 2013-07-23 17 36 07

    This is the backside of Jockes monkeyking arm piece!

    Healed doggie!!

    Photo 2013-07-22 16 34 13 (1)

    got some healed pics of this little rascal!

    some newer work!


    The great monkeyking on the great Jocke!!!

    @Crooked moon tattoo

    venetian mask

    Last one for this visit!! hope to see you guys soon again!!!

    @crooked moon tattoo

    Autumn leaves and Witchhazel branches

    @crooked moon tattoo


    Now let’s see how this works!


    Well hello there!

    Finally I believe this is fixed! now its just a little gallery stuff to fix and there will be updates weekly at least!

    Lets start this with Marcus guest spot at Crooked moon tattoo in helsingborg.

    Great crew and clients!


    Monkeykings and band of skulls!!

    Monkey King!

    Started the forearm on my buddy Joakim today! He got a monkeyking and a band of skulls to go!!

    Happy times /Marcus

    Monkey monday with Ricky!


    Monkey monday with Ricky!


We all go through tough crap in our lives. It's all about how to deal with it and coming out on the other side that matters. Realizing that life is pretty cool after all. I started Let’s Live having just gone through some heavy health issues and realizing just that.


Life is short and there are so many damn cool things you can do with it! So being a tattoo artist foremost, a tattoo studio/art studio/ gallery was the first obvious thing to do. But I want it to focus on not just tattoos. There are so much more to it! It should all be about that feeling! The feeling you get when taking a first sip of that exclusive scotch you always wanted or the feeling of warm beach sand between your toes. Opening your eyes after a surgery realizing you’re still here. Helping others less fortunate then you, being kind, going to places you always wanted to go to.


Or basically what ever makes you feel good!


All in all going after your dreams and never give up! So that's what Let’s Live is all about, that feeling! inspirational people, thoughts, projects, art, ideas, events, what ever we damn want to do! As someone famous once said:


- Get busy Living or get busy dying!


Let’s Live!


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